18 בApril 2019
20 בJune 2020



Corona times - turning the lemon into lemonade

According to Judaism, when a girl turns 12, she assumes the rights and obligations of adulthood. This milestone (Bat Mitsva) is a joyous event planned in detail, months ahead.

But when the Corona virus hit, all the plans for celebration were shattered, due to rules of social distancing.

The idea: The first ever virtual Bat-Mitsva ! Powered by Always

A completely virtual Bat-Mitsva party that would be innovative and more exciting than the originally planned one!

To bring back the joy, optimism and self-confidence of young teens, nationwide on April 22th @ 6PM at their own living room, more than 1,000 girls who turned 12, celebrated together through zoom, their Bat-Mitsva enabled by Always.

Through a focused Instagram campaign, we collaborated with female Influencers relevant to this age group, who used their social assets to promote the event and the messaging.  The event was featured on TV national evening news.   

Outstanding survey highlights include:

  • More than half (51.6%) of teenage girls aged 12-17 were aware of the initiative and attributed to Always
  • Most of teen girls were exposed to the initiative on Instagram (65%!!) followed by TV ads (33%) and PR items on TV evening news (21%)

Social and Influencer Engagement. Instagram Campaign. PR


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