20 בJune 2020



Pantene  741 campaign

For the seventh year in a row,  the haircare brand Pantene in collaboration with NGO Zichron Menachem, dedicated to cancer patients and their families, is holding the “Braid of Strength” hair donations. The hair donations are gathered to create quality natural hair wigs for girls and women who are cancer patients. In order to make one wig, seven braids of hair are needed .

Hundreds of hairdressers in Israel & a mobile salon branded “Pantene" and "Zichron Menachem", offered free haircuts to receive hair donations form girls and women during one week of campaign titles :  741 (seven for one)

The Idea

Create a social media campaign that will convey the message of 7 for 1 = 7 braids make 1 wig. Ask influencers to write #741 on their hand or arm, & upload same day to create an impactful buzz on social media among the relevant target audiences


We engaged with 93 micro influencers and 7 Key Opinion Leaders  who all uploaded  a story and a Post on their digital assets , simultaneously on the same day of the beginning of the campaign.


The content that the participants uploaded, created a lot of discussions by followers who identified with the activity and message. Interactions reached 120,875 likes and comments, accurate interactions being 85,376. Number of views of Stories was 768,310.

The activity generated positive interactions with many women driven to take part in the donation week, revealing their own emotional  personal stories and receiving positive reactions.


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