Carmel Winery
18 בApril 2019
18 בApril 2019



Guerilla activity based on consumer insight for the Jewish Orthodox ethnic Sector

Brand reached out to our ethnic Sectors department to find a way to raise awareness to the brand and to its benefits, in a culturally relevant strategy while recognizing the challenges:

  1. Jewish laws dictate refraining from anything that’s considered work on the Saturday which is the holy day of rest. That applies even to putting on deodorants!
  2. Jewish laws forbid Orthodox believers to use TV at home which means that consumers are not exposed to the brand's TV commercials

Turning these restrictions into an ultimate torture test proved our superiority and boosted sales by 24%!


Cannes Festival 2018, Silver, Excellence in Media – Insights & Strategy     

Cannes Festival 2018, Bronze, Media- Sectors

Strategy & Planning. Guerrilla activity. PR. Advertising. Out-of-home.   


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